Loaded Pool Room

Our pool room is loaded with 8 bar tables and one Gold Crown pit table, all felted with Simonis cloth.  And our tables are all well-kept and always ready for action.

Pit Table

Our 9-foot, triple shimmed pit table is only $4/hour to bang around some balls with the best of Missouri, while our bar tables are only $1 per game, or we will gladly open it up so you can play by the hour.

Open 24/7

The pool room is open 24 hours, you can always find a table at Kenny's.



4 consecutive hours of pool


10 consecutive hours of pool  

* All pool specials are non-transferable. Players must ask for the special before starting or they will be charged hourly. The special is only good for the designated hours from the time it starts and cannot be paused.

Tournament Info

Missouri 8-Ball

Entry Fee


Tuesdays at 7PM
Race to 2
Money Added


Entry Fee


Fridays at 7PM
Game & Ball Handicap
Up to $250 added

Texas Express 9-Ball

Entry Fee


Sundays at 7PM
Game Handicapped
Money added